Psychologist in Toronto - Main Image

Population Served

  • Adult Individuals (of all sexual orientations)
  • Couples (of all configurations)

Issues Treated

  • Trauma
    • Physical, sexual, emotional, spiritual, war
    • Natural Disasters
  • The various disorders which are often the response to trauma
    • Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) which was in the past called Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD)
    • Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
    • Other disturbed responses to extreme stress
  • Mood Disorders
    • Depression
    • Bi-Polar Disorders
    • Anxiety Disorders
    • Phobias
  • New Treatments for Most Addictions
  • Life Issues
    • Conflict with families and the workplace

Other Services offered

  • Consultation to EMDR Therapy therapists and consultants-in-training
  • Consultation to psychologists and other therapeutic practitioners

Psychotherapy can be short term (1-20 sessions) or can last much, much longer. It all depends upon the complexity of the problems and the inner and outer resources that can be brought to bear on the presenting issues. Other factors such as the availability of time and finances must also be considered.

Meetings are by appointment after a telephone contact of about 15 minutes. In general, office hours are from 9-6 three days a week